1 Hour Taster

1 Hour Taster

The place to start for new riders, have a go on a motorbike.

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CBT nottingham and derby


Get on the road on up to a 125cc motorbike. Affordable transport.

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DAS nottingham and derby

Full licence

Pass your full test - Category A1, A2 and A (DAS)licences.

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Motorcycle Training DAS and CBT Nottingham and Derby

Established in 2002, Long Eaton, Nottingham, We offer a great range of motorcycle training courses from a 1 Hour Taster Lesson, Compulsory Basic Training, full licence to something more advanced. Whether you're just starting out or you've been riding for years, we're here to help you get the most from your motorcycle.

Call 2 Counties Rider Training today and we talk you through the options available to you.

Approved by agencies including RoSPA and the DVSA, we're all fully qualified and have many years of riding experience. You're in safe hands when you come to our motorcycle training school. We'll teach you the safest ways to ride, give you all the knowledge you'll need to pass your motorcycle test and enjoy years of motorcycling pleasure.

• Motorbike training sessions recorded by on board camera's for rider development.
• Bikes and safety equipment included in price
1 Hour Taster Lessons, CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), Full licence (DAS, A, A1, and A2).
• Advanced courses available. RoSPA - ERS (with a possible discount from Derbyshire Council) - Refresher
• Ideally located for Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Leicestershire
• High pass rates
• Check out our feedback on Facebook
• Gift vouchers available
• Open 7 days a week

Motorcycle instructor


The Gaffer

I have been riding motorcycles for about 45 years (I started very young). When I left school I trained to become a motorcycle mechanic which I did for 12 years, was made redundant, fancied a change so became a class 1 LGV driver which I enjoyed, but was made redundant - brassed off being made redundant again, I decided to become a motorcycle instructor in 2001. After qualifying I worked for a company in Shrewsbury and in 2002 I made the decision to start my own company, this was Beacon Rider Training (now 2 Counties Rider Training), The company gradually expanded and we took on more trainers, eventually moving into our present shop on Wilsthorpe Road, the downside to this is spending too much time in the shop, my passion is riding motorcycles and teaching other people, hopefully passing on some of my experience gained over the last 45 years. I will now be spending a lot more time out on the road, meeting more great people and hopefully making more new friends. Currently owns a BMW R1200GS, pipe and slippers.

Motorcycle instructor


2 Counties version of Richard Hammond.

Leo joined the company in 2007 became a CBT Instructor shortly after and gained his DAS Qualification in 2010. He has been riding motorcycles since 1994, currently owns a BMW R1200R. Incidentally his nickname is soft but firm (don’t ask) or the Boy!

Motorcycle instructor


The Professor

Gary is the newest member of the team, joining us in 2010, he is a very experienced motorcyclist and has been trained by us to conduct CBT’s. trainees appreciate his calm and relaxed manner. His current bike is a rather tatty Triumph Trophy which seems to have spent more time at the garage than being ridden.

She who must be obeyed


She who must be obeyed

Accounts manager, tea maker, cleaner and without whom chaos would reign.


Learn The Basics

Try motorbike riding today with one of our taster sessions. Held at our training school in Long Eaton, our hour long sessions cover the basics you'll need, including moving off and stopping. We provide bikes and safety equipment for your session too, so don't worry about rushing into any purchases before you've had chance to see if riding is right for you. If you decide you want to go on to take motorcycle lessons here at 2 Counties Rider Training, book your place on a CBT. We're happy to answer your questions, offer advice and help you get started on the road to independent motorcycle riding

1 hour taster
Everything you need to get started

• Just £25 for an hour's tuition
• Fee refunded if you book your A1, A2 or DAS course with us
• Bikes and safety equipment included in price
• Taster session can be taken on 125cc motorbike or scooter
• Advice and information from our helpful instructors
• Ideally located for Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
• Gift vouchers available

CBT Nottingham and Derby

Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT allows riders aged 16 or over to ride a learner legal moped of up to 50cc and riders aged 17 or over to ride a learner legal motorcycle of up to 125cc. These low-powered introductions to free, independent riding will allow you to keep up with traffic and gain valuable experience while costing just £17 a year in road tax.

What you'll cover during your CBT

• Element A: Eyesight test, overview of the day and protective wear briefing.
• Element B: Learning the controls and daily/weekly maintenance checks.
• Element C: Learning to ride the bike.
• Element D: Pre-ride road briefing (Highway Code).
• Element E: 2 hour road ride (minimum).

• Gift vouchers available.

CBT in Notingham

Once all 5 elements have been completed to a satisfactory level, you will be issued with your CBT certificate. This allows you the freedom to legally ride on the road. When riding after having been issued your CBT certificate you will need to display L Plates. The CBT does not allow you to carry pillion passengers or ride on the motorways. Your CBT certificate remains valid for 2 years, allowing you to take your full motorcycle test at your own pace.

We only issue a CBT certificate when you are a safe and competent rider, so if you do find you are struggling with an aspect of riding may ask you to come back for further training.
We take your safety very seriously, if we ask you to come back then further training will be offered at the discounted price of £20 per hour.

The CBT can be completed in one day, however if you have not ridden a bike before or have no experience on the road, it may be worth considering other training options first.

If you have never ridden a bike or scooter it may be worth considering a 1 Hour Taster session. We will show you the controls of the bike and how they work, get you moving away and coming to a stop safely, we will also get you having a go at slow riding (clutch control) and gear changes. This will give you more confidence when you come to do the CBT. The 1 Hour Taster is £25 which includes bike hire and safety equipment.

CBT Extra

This covers all the same elements as the CBT, but it is spread over 2 days. We can spend more time on the training ground allowing you to be more comfortable with the bike controls and we will also spend longer out on the road for you to gain more experience and confidence on the road. Contact us for more details.


Your motorcycle licence with 2 Counties Rider Training

Learn to ride safely on the roads - motorcycle training with 2 Counties Rider Training. Based in Long Eaton, we provide a range of courses to suit everyone, from beginners through to experienced and returning riders. If you're looking to upgrade your motorcycle licence, we can help you prepare for your test. We offer courses for Category A1 and Category A2 licences. We also provide Category A or Direct Access Scheme (DAS) training for riders over 24 who wish to ride unrestricted cycle classes. Whatever your ability and riding preference, we help you develop the skills you'll need.

1 hour taster
Motorcycle training courses

• Category A1 training (125cc) 17 years old +
• Category A2 training (47Bhp) 19 years old +
• Category A (DAS) training 24 years old +
• Bike hire where required and used of safety equipment included.
• Module 1 Training at test centre (if available).

What passing your bike test will involve

To take the full motorbike test you will need to have;
• A Valid CBT certificate. If you have not yet taken the Compulsory Basic Training and book it with us, we can give you an idea of how much training you will need to pass the full test.
• Passed the Motorcycle theory test.

The practical Motorcycle Tests are the same for the A1, A2 and A categories - it's just the the size of bike that it is taken on. The first part, Module 1 will take on average 15 – 20 minutes and is conducted on a purpose built site. You will ride either the left or right circuit, which will be chosen for you on the day of your test. The examiner will assess your control of the bike including;

1. Pushing the bike
2. Slalom
3. Figure of eight
4. Slow riding
5. U-Turn
6. Cornering
7. Controlled Stop
8. Cornering
9. Emergency Stop
10. Cornering
11. Avoidance Manoeuvre

Module 1 Layout

The second part of the test, Module 2 will take about 45 minutes and will consist of at least 30 minutes on the road covering a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts. You will also be asked two motorcycle safety check questions, one ‘show me’ and one ‘tell me’. We feel that we have structured our training courses to give you the best opportunity to pass your test first time and in the most cost effective manner. Whenever possible we will try to incorporate part of your module 1 training at the actual test centre where you will be taking your test – this is subject to availability and at no extra cost. Our aim is to get you up to test standard and beyond during your training.

‘A1’ Licence

The A1 (125cc) course is for those 17 years old or over, the training and test will be conducted on a 125cc bike. Once you have passed the tests you can ride a 125cc bike (maximum 11Kw) without L plates, you can ride on the motorway and take pillion passengers.

‘A2’ Licence

A2 course is for those 19 years old or over, the training and test will be conducted on a 46.6bhp bike (500cc). Once you have passed the tests You can now ride any motorcycle not exceeding 35kW without L plates, you can ride on the motorway and take pillion passengers.

‘A’ Licence

The DAS (Direct Access Scheme) course is for those 24 years old or over or for those who have had an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years, the training and test will be conducted on a 650cc bike. Once you have passed the test you can ride any size bike without any power restrictions.


Highway Code, using the road and maintenance

phone app

A using the road section and bike maintenance to help with your CBT or full test.


What people say about us...


Can't fault Paul and Leo great guys I was a jibbering wreck and they got me through mod 2 first time now the proud owner of a bandit 600 thanks guys safe riding

Posted by Dave Norton

Thanks Paul & Leo for all your help and getting my pass :-) Really nice guys and give you lots of confidence! Thanks again all :-) Highly recommended!

Posted by Louise Roughton

Excellent service from Paul, helped me to get my full license in just 2 days you definitely know your stuff!! Tea and coffee on tap as your training!

Posted by Jamie Raynor

Thank you guys sooo much, I've got my triumph and now eating fish and chips in Matlock could not of done this without your help x

Posted by Claire Hewerdine

Massive thanks to Paul and Leo, for getting me through my test, passed first time!! Excellent trainers highly recommend!

Posted by Andy Turner

Just done my CBT and the level and quality of instruction was superb. Leo was a great instructor and i would highly recommend to anyone.

Posted by Joanna Hunt


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